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What is Toodley?

Fun local educational experiences for everybody!

Imagine a group of people of all ages coming together with the same passion or interest, learning from a skilled instructor in their local community.

Picture them gathered in-person, having fun, building friendships and learning something they love by doing it. This is collecting moments and memories through engaging experiences.

This is Toodley.

Where is Toodley?

We’re like “the Airbnb of Education”!

Toodley classes happen in living rooms, garages, gardens, backyards, neighborhoods, community centers, parks, studios, workshops and any other convenient locations!

Using already-existing spaces and places, classes can happen anywhere that is suitable for the topic being learned!

Who is the Toodley Tribe?

Learning Continues Throughout Life

Toodley hosts are simply people with skills, knowledge, and passion. They range from parents, artists, teachers, athletes, college students, business owners, tradesmen, tour guides, and more!

Toodley students are anyone who wants to learn with others who share the same interests in a live, in-person setting. From families, friends, students, a couple on a date, a grandma, mom and daughter having fun together – whoever you are, there is a class for you in your local community.

Top Categories

Field Trips

Museums, Zoos, Hiking, and all adventures out beyond the desk!

Life Skills

The complete how-to! Cooking, Budgets, and preparing for life ahead

Trade Classes

Engineering, Tech, & jobs that will never go out of style!

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