TOODLEY DEFINED: A love of learning, A playful sense of creativity, Delighting in discovery.

What is Toodley?

Toodley is an online platform to find Fun, Experiential Learning near you! We do this by connecting talented instructors and people for live, in-person classes. We provide an easy way for friends and family to find something entertaining and educational to do together to make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

We believe that everyone has a skill or a hobby (that may currently be unused and going to waste) Our mission is to empower people in this country to share their passions, hobbies, and skills with people in their local community by teaching a class on the topics they love.

Whether you are a carpenter, mechanic, artist, musician, dancer, engineer, teacher, electrician, chef… the list goes on! …Selecting your own hours and availability, you can teach the students in your community on the topics that you are passionate about and create exciting, engaging, hands-on learning experiences!

Our vision is to create THE place to find fun, experiential learning for all ages.

Who is a Toodley Host?

It is so easy to become a Toodley host. Here is the formula… A Person + A Place + A Thing You Love to do.

Show people why it’s fun and amazing to do what you love to do by hosting a class in your living room, kitchen, garage, backyard, swimming pool, garden, parks, or any other place that is available – and sharing the trades, skills, hobbies and topics you love.

We believe that all of us learn more by doing hands-on activities together in a group locally and in person. Join us in this journey to by signing up and listing a class that you can teach in your local community!

Are you a parent who is already teaching your children something and make an impact on the next generation? How to change a tire, cooking delicious spaghetti? Why not open your house to a small group of other students in your local community so that they can learn from you, and you earn income on the side while doing what you’re already doing? — You are a perfect Toodley Host!

Are you a skilled tradesman – carpenter, electrician, welder, plumber, painter, potter, craftsman, and so on? Why not teach what you do to your local community? This will not only help you earn side income but also increase your brand image and awareness in your local community. — You are a perfect Toodley Host!

Are you a tour guide and love going on adventures such as hikes, camping, rock climbing, exploring museums, visiting historical sites and so on? Why not open your events up on Toodley and lead a group of inter-generational students on an exciting experience? — You are a perfect Toodley Host!

Are you a college student looking for a side hustle to pay your bills? Why not teach a class on Toodley on a topic that you are passionate about (science, music, sports, etc.) to your peers, or high school or middle school students? — You are a perfect Toodley Host!

Are you a busy professional working in corporate America and want to earn some extra income while giving back to the community? Do you love self-improvement, leadership, and growth mindset? Why not teach your hobby or skill to your local community? Toodley is a perfect side gig that takes as little as 1-2 hours every week and you can make anywhere from $50 – $150+ per class depending on the topic and number of students… while impacting your local community at the same time! — You are a perfect Toodley Host!

Are you a consultant, business owner, self employed individual? Why not open up your shop or business to your local community on Toodley? You can demonstrate what you do – host a “Show & Tell” and reach a whole new audience. Impart your knowledge to others in your community and let them try it for themselves hands-on. — You are a perfect Toodley Host!

Are you someone who just loves hosting people in your home? Why not team up with a Toodley Host and open up your home as an available location to students in your local community so that they can do a fun and exciting class in your home! (You can also join in the fun and make a deal with the Toodley Host to learn for FREE from an amazing instructor in the topic that is being taught, in exchange for providing a wonderful learning environment!) — You are a perfect Toodley Host!

We hope these examples have inspired you to think of something in your own life and your own specific skillsets and interests. The sky’s the limit with Toodley classes – so reach for the stars, and try something new today.

Who is a Toodley Student?

Are you looking for unique, special experiences for your family and friends aside from going out to eat, movies, and the zoo? Bring your loved ones together and bond over a shared experience, creating beautiful moments and having fun learning something by doing it.

Are you and your spouse wanting to learn new dance moves or cook cuisine that tastes delicious? Perhaps pottery, or painting… or taking a guided tour of a local attraction? This will be a perfect date idea to help you get into something together. — You are a perfect Toodley Student!

Are you a homeschool student looking to find other students who have similar interests and want to learn a topic together? (Like painting, crochet, sports, dance, reading, writing?) Imagine if you can find that in your local community, taught by a neighbor down the street! — You are a perfect Toodley Student!

Are you a public or private school student who is looking for an after-school program? Why look far away when you have some talented neighbors in your local community to lead a class on a topic of your interest? You will also be having fun with other students who have the same interest and excitement for the subject! — You are a perfect Toodley Student!

Are you a loving parent who is always looking for classes for your children, but have put your own interests and passions on the back burner? The guitar lessons you have always wanted, the creative skill that you wished you knew… Gardening, Woodworking, Canning, Soap-making, Fishing, and so on… Why not pick up your interest again taught by a neighbor in your local community? — You are a perfect Toodley Student!

Are you retired and want to pick up activities that you didn’t have time to do before? Why not join a class on Toodley, renew your zest for life, make new friends and have fun doing things with your local community? — You are a perfect Toodley Student!


At Toodley, we believe that each person is unique and has different talents and abilities. An author is not an athlete, nor is a geologist an actor. The current education system puts everyone in a box and expects the same requirements from all of us. We have seen students who got Cs and Ds in school going on to become some of the most successful businessmen, sportsman, actors, archaeologists, dancers, singers, songwriters and so on. Why not give every one of us an opportunity to pursue what we want to do instead of trying to fit the norm? Imagine how many geniuses and talented people this country and the world will have if we make pursuing your passion the “new normal”!

To do this we have to start from the ground level – when we start learning. Currently, we have extracurriculars, afterschool programs, clubs etc. for our children but they tend to be so expensive and inaccessible. Parents spend about 10 – 25% of their income on after-school programs, and on top of that they have to look far and wide to find the right program to put their students. Even if they find one, there will be other activities in the program that are not adding value to the student. Also, for every student that is in an after school program, there are two others waiting to be in a program!

Through Toodley, we want to empower people with skills, talents and hobbies to share their passion and teach a class on the topic they love, to the students in their local community. There is a distinct advantage of learning in-person compared to learning online, and that’s where our heart is, but hosts on our platform also have the option to teach online classes as well. If you teach a group class on Toodley, you can make anywhere from $50 – $150+ per class depending on the topic and the number of students. On the other hand, students find affordable classes (average $10-$30) per class, thus reducing the cost of learning. This is a win-win for both the host and the student… and the community as a whole!

Are YOU ready to TOODLEY?

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