Toodley groups and sessions should be fun, enriching, and age-appropriate. This ensures that all hosts, learners, and families feel welcome on our platform and can expect a positive experience in their Toodley group or session. We’ve detailed our policies for group or session content below, and hosts should observe these guidelines when designing group or session activities and submitting listings for approval.

Toodley groups or sessions should be objective and accurate. All content should be:

  • Factual: Present facts, ideas, and theories that are grounded in science, are well supported by research, and are accepted by the preponderance of experts in a field. It would be helpful to list in the description where you are getting the core information for your group or session topic. Topics that may be considered pseudoscience or supernatural in nature (such as crystal healing, astrology, ghosts, or extraterrestrials) are not permitted on Toodley.
  • Positive, Interesting, and Fun: Children respond well to positive, upbeat environments and pleasant, smiling faces. Although some subjects are not necessarily “fun”, strive to make your groups and sessions as interesting and engaging as possible.

Toodley groups or sessions should be based on your expertise. This may include:

  • Lived Experience: At Toodley, we require a teaching credential or other specialized degree only in special circumstances. This means that in most cases if you have the experience and the passion, you can teach. Lived experience is defined as your own personal identity, an event or occurrence in your life, or a personal interest or passion that you’ve dedicated substantial time to.
  • Foreign Languages: If you’re planning to teach a basic conversation group or session in another language, a minimum of 2 years of immersion (either via immersion coursework or by living in the host country) is an acceptable form of teacher expertise. Basic language and culture groups or sessions should also follow the guidelines on lived experience. If you’re looking to teach an advanced grammar or conversation group or session, we prefer that you are a native speaker or have a relevant degree in the language or in language education.
  • Advanced Concepts: Groups or sessions targeted to high school-age learners may be subject to higher scrutiny, particularly if they focus on advanced discussions and concepts that would necessitate greater teacher expertise than for younger learners. When submitting a group or session for this age group, be sure to detail your previous experiences or proposed strategies for working with older learners. Advanced groups or sessions on core academic subjects should also showcase your deeper level of educator experience and training in the profile section.
  • Fitness, Exercise, or Survival Skills: Groups or sessions that present a higher risk for potential safety hazards will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Examples include, but are not limited to, groups or sessions on swimming, driving, or wilderness survival techniques. For groups or sessions that are appropriate for the platform, we will require teachers to have a high level of professional training or expertise. Educators should also clearly explain their experience working with youth specifically in these subject areas. Additionally, we require teachers to provide extensive parental guidance information.

Toodley groups or sessions should be age-appropriate. Consider how you will present topics such as:

  • Questionable Content: Whenever your group or session content will be sensitive in nature — such as by being potentially upsetting or scary to some learners (you must refrain from violent or graphic imagery) — you must include a clear statement explaining to parents exactly what they can expect from your group or session, so they can make an informed decision about whether their learner is the right fit. Toodley uses the recommendations from Common Sense Media to inform decisions about age appropriateness. Typically, groups or sessions that use content for an age group below the recommended minimum age are still permitted since parents know their learners best, unless the group or session has a targeted age range that is egregiously out of sync with Common Sense Media (e.g., a group or session for 3-year-olds using content that Common Sense Media recommends for 16+ would be rejected).

Toodley groups should have an appropriate number of students. Things to consider:

  • Number of students: We recommend that the group sizes are appropriate for the activity or subject involved. We recommend 3-8 students for most groups to allow for each student to receive quality help and attention during the time you are hosting them. Certain groups may accommodate a larger number of students. Please clearly explain the need for a larger number of students in the group in the description when listing the group.

Toodley groups or sessions should not provide medical or therapeutic services. Be aware of this policy when submitting groups or sessions that cover:

  • Medical Services: We do not support any groups or sessions that provide medical training or medical services. This includes, but is not limited to, first aid, CPR, therapy, counseling, psychiatric evaluations, or evaluations for special education services, or occupational therapy. Additionally, any group or session that involves connecting with the non-physical body (such as targeting “energies”) crosses the line into medical services and will not be permitted on Toodley. We do not offer these groups or sessions on Toodley out of concern for learners’ safety and well-being.
  • Physical Rehabilitation: While groups or sessions offering workouts or general exercise routines are permitted on Toodley, groups or sessions that offer targeted services in physical therapy, or occupational therapy are not permitted.
  • Groups or events on Sex Education & Reproductive Health or Racism, Sexism, or Bigotry: Groups or sessions of this nature are not permitted on the Toodley platform.
  • Mental Health: Groups or sessions offering information about mental health or non-medical symptom management strategies are not permitted.
  • Support Groups or Social Clubs: Social support groups, for learners with a shared experience, are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with a higher degree of scrutiny for both teacher expertise and group or session structure. As a best practice, adding more structure to your group or session layout, and tightly controlling the topics and content of your social club, will help ensure the group or session content remains in line with our policies.
Note: Toodley, in its sole discretion, may reject any listing submitted or cancel any listing published for any reason and at any time. Toodley has sole discretion as to which Hosts are accepted into the marketplace and we reserve the right to reject any potential Host and remove or suspend any Host from the marketplace for any reason.

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions?

Please contact us at to report any violations of these Terms of Service or to pose any questions regarding this Terms of Service or the Service.

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