Toodley Host Listing Guidelines

We are delighted to have you as a host on Toodley! Thank you for your interest in hosting a group, class, event, or one-on-one session. Please take a moment to carefully read our guidelines before you create your listing. We have developed these guidelines to help your listings be successful in getting bookings! If you don’t follow the guidelines, your listing may not be approved, so we thank you in advance for paying close attention to them.

By listing your group or event on Toodley, you are agreeing to our Content Policy and the terms listed in this guideline.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to! We will be glad to give advice.


It’s free to list a service on Toodley.

You have complete freedom to determine the enrollment payment of your group or session and the number of participants. We recommend that the group sizes are appropriate for the activity or subject involved. If the group size is not appropriate, the submission will be rejected. Please see the Content Policy for more details on group size.

You need a PayPal account to receive your payments.

Toodley requires a 10% service fee from all groups and sessions.

Toodley will transfer the enrollment payment, minus the 10% service fee, to your Paypal account for each sale of a Group or Session (or set of Groups or Sessions, as applicable). You will receive payment on the 1st and 15th of the month following the completion of the event. The minimum payout is $50.00. Once the host reaches that level, they will be paid in a timely fashion. Toodley has discretion to act on behalf of the Parent, and to not transfer the enrollment payments to Host, if Parent reports that the groups or sessions were not provided or adequately completed.


For the type of group or session that you are permitted to host, please refer to the Content Policy page for complete details.


Please use eye-catching, colorful, crisp, well-composed pictures for your host listings. If you don’t have high-quality images to describe your listing, we encourage you to use a free stock photo from,, or any other free stock photo site you prefer! (If using another stock photo site, be sure the images are allowed to be used for “commercial use”.)

The image should accurately depict your listing. What does that mean? Well, you don’t have to have a photograph of the exact brand of clay you use in your sculpting class, but if you’re taking a field trip to a petting zoo with farm animals – using a picture including lions, tigers and bears, (Oh My!) … would be misleading. Use your own judgment, and if you have a question, feel free to reach out to


The shorter, the better – use strong and descriptive words to communicate what your listing is all about!


If this in an online group or session, leave this section blank. If this is an in-person group or session, add the location so customers can see it to determine if they want to be a part of it.


This is the cost per student (enrollment payment). Keep in mind that hosting a group rather than a one-on-one means you can earn more for the time you spend hosting since the number of paying students increases, yet you can keep it affordable by charging a lower fee per student than you would if you were only teaching one-on-one. 

Can you charge whatever you want? Yes! But we don’t think someone will pay you a million dollars for a lesson in “how to tie your shoes”. If you aren’t sure what rate to set, try doing a bit of market research to see the average cost for your kind of class or session, and then take into account your level of experience, be it beginner or expert.


Choose the correct drop down for your experience level.


Choose the appropriate button, In person and/or Online. For online classes, we recommend hosts get a Zoom account. (In a future version of the Toodley platform, we hope to host video classes ourselves, so stay tuned for that!)

You must have a separate listing for a group session and one-on-one session.

  • One-on-one sessions: If the price is the same for both in person and online one-on-one sessions, you may have one listing but make it clear in the description that the customer must let you know which type they desire, online or in person. If the price is different for in person than for online, each type must have it’s own listing.
  • Group sessions: If the price is the same for both in person and online groups, you may have one listing but make it clear in the description that the customer must let you know which type of group session they desire, online or in person. If the price is different for in person than for online, each type much have it’s own listing.


Remember to add tags to categorize your listing and help it get discovered on Toodley search results!


Be as thorough and descriptive as possible to provide all the necessary details for your listing. This is your advertisement for the parent and is what will sell your listing to them.

If you are using a source, please list the source material (like a textbook or reference). You can also include your experience in this subject and why you are qualified to host this group or event.

Provide a list of materials or books that the student will need for this listing.

If you are hosting a group, be sure to include the number of students allowed. (We recommend 3-8 for most groups to allow for each student to receive quality help and attention during the time you are hosting them).

A single listing page may only advertise one listing – advertisements for different classes and groups on a listing page is not recommended. For example, if you are teaching math, science, and English, please create 3 separate listings, not one for all of the topics.


This feature determines the number of days notice that you desire before your listing can be booked. This option limits how the customer sees your calendar of availability. For example, the number of days is one, no one can book on the current day and only the following days on your calendar will be visible to the customer. You have freedom to choose how many days notice you prefer for bookings.


We recommend leaving the “Bookings Window” blank. Then the customer can see all of the calendar options for booking your event. This option limits how the customer sees your calendar of availability. For example, if you choose October 1-10, those are the only dates that would be available for the customer to view. If it is blank, the customer can see all of the dates on your calendar for booking.


We recommend you choose your days. If this is left blank, all of the day will be available. You are free to choose any day/s that you wish.


Set the earliest time of each day that is available for booking. For example, if you want to teach from 10 am to 3 pm, you would put 10 am here. If you desire to have different times on different days, please create a separate listing as this feature only allows one set of time per listing.


Set the latest time of each day that is available for booking. You would put 3 pm here from the above example.


Set the time slot duration in minutes. This is the length of the group or session. For example, the group is for 1 hour. You would place 60 in the space.


Set the interval between time slots in minutes. This is the amount of time that you choose to have between groups or sessions. For example, if you want 30 minutes between sessions, you would put 30 here.


We recommend NOT checking the “Manually Accept Bookings” as the customer can’t immediately pay for their booking. If checked, they must wait until you accept the request. You may choose to manually accept their request to book but be aware that you are responsible to complete the request before they can pay for the booking.


We require that all communication between the host and the customer be done on the Toodley platform via messages. This protects both parties as all communication will be recorded and preserved.


When you create a listing, you agree to the following rules and restrictions:

We highly recommend if the session is online to record your session and keep a copy of the video in case of a refund request from the customer, or any possible concerns about the session.

Parents/guardians are always allowed to attend and/or assist their students if they desire.

Don’t be fake. The use of false or misleading information in listings is prohibited. Be sure that your name matches your legal ID.

You may not include any of the following prohibited content in listing page titles, descriptions, or images:

Pornographic, obscene, or offensive content

Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or website URLs should not be shared. All transactions and communication should be done on the Toodley platform.

Alternative ordering information (such as links to other websites for placing bookings)

Solicitations for positive customer reviews

Advertisements, promotional material, or watermarks on images, photos, or videos

Note: Toodley, in its sole discretion, may reject any listing submitted or cancel any listing published for any reason and at any time. Toodley has sole discretion as to which Hosts are accepted into the marketplace and we reserve the right to reject any potential Host and remove or suspend any Host from the marketplace for any reason.

We are excited to have you join our team of amazing hosts and hope your experience with Toodley is awesome!


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