Intro to Basic Car Maintenance - Change a Tire

Intro to Basic Car Maintenance - Change a Tire Intro to Basic Car Maintenance - Change a Tire

Hi, My name is Ken, and my wife Priscilla and have four beautiful grown daughters and a bundle of precious grandchildren. I am retired and a former race car mechanic. I love cars and currently have four of them sitting in my yard. And as everyone knows, a race car is never “done”. You’re always working on them.

This is an intro class at the very basic level, how to change a car tire in case of a flat or emergency situation. I can also cover tread depth, tire pressure, and essential knowledge about car tires for the standard driver. Other topics that I can teach include – engine light, oil change, fluids, and so on. This class is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of car maintenance.

This is an in-person GROUP class with room for 6 students per class.

When: Saturdays 10:00 AM and 2:00PM

Duration: 60 mins

Location: north Newnan, GA off the bypass (I will share exact location after booking)

For any questions about the booking, you can send a message through Toodley either before or after booking this class to arrange the exact time and date that works best.

How it works:

~ We will start the class with how to change a tire
~ Most cars have some differences so we will use your car as an example
~ If you signed up for 5 sessions, we will go over other topics each session.
~ I will provide notes to take each session

– Ken St. Pierre

(Note: parents are welcome to learn together or can drop off their student for the class)

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