Jewelry Soldering + Stone Setting for Absolute Beginners

Jewelry Soldering + Stone Setting for Absolute Beginners

The Heart-Hands-Mind Connection is Real. Feed it or it becomes disruptive. You feel that? (We did when we were kids, so we’re here to be the resource our parents wanted.)

1.25 hours each week for 6-weeks. Middle School and High School Students.

Each session is packed with information, safety and real-life tips and tricks from a Professional Instructor. Students may expect to get their hands on a jewelers torch very quickly for loads of hands-on, creative learning. Our young artists will complete 2-3 sterling silver stacking rings. Once secure with the technique of soldering sterling silver, we’ll move into the basics of stone-setting and fabricate a bezel cup, on a ring band, that securely seats an inexpensive cabochon.

Fun and interesting? Yep. Packed full of STEM learnings? Uh huh. Great Snap Stories? Def.

KINDLY NOTE: Learning to fabricate jewelry can be a manicure wrecker. Save that manicure for AFTER jewelry classes.

– Closed-toed, low-heeled or no-heeled shoes
– Comfortable “play-clothes”. No flowing sleeves or too much bulk
– Long hair must be worn in a bun or ponytail
– If your student does not wear prescription glasses, protective eyewear will be provided and must be worn (or feel free to bring your own)
– When the CDC recommends it, we will wear a mask or a face shield. At this moment, they are not required

LIABILITY RELEASE: Parents must complete a Liability Release, at the Studio, prior to the first class.

Thanks so much,
Christy W. Sears
Instructor since 2013

For any questions about the booking, you can send a message through Toodley either before or after booking this class to arrange the exact time and date that works best.


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