Leonard Arambam

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Co-Founder, Toodley

Leonard is responsible for overall business growth strategies and the visionary direction of Toodley. He believes that everyone has a talent to share, and the students in our local communities can benefit from it. With Toodley, he wants to make every home in this country become a place of learning. Leonard was the champion boxer at his high school and loves teaching the sport to students. In his free time, Leonard loves going to the gym, reading personal development books and mentoring the next generation. Leonard holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from University at Buffalo, NY and currently resides in Newnan, GA USA with his beautiful wife, Julia.

Julia Arambam

Chief Creative Officer (CCO), & Co-Founder, Toodley

Julia is responsible for the creative marketing strategy and bringing sparkle to the Toodley brand! Julia teaches crochet classes on Toodley. She is a homeschool graduate, and absolutely loved her journey being homeschooled from pre-k through high school – it was full of freedom, fun, and opportunities! She was able to own a handmade jewelry business from age 12, and she also authored and self-published two novels on Amazon.com. She believes that the time is now for Toodley, a platform for students and hosts to gather together to find everything they need for AWESOME in-person classes! In her free time she loves chalk painting antique furniture, home decorating and enjoying life with her wonderful hubby, Leonard.

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