Toodley10 is an awesome Community Leadership program that gives every host the chance to…

Earn a cash reward of $1,000.00!

How, you ask?

Step 1: Become a Toodley Host (For FREE) and start teaching your skills, hobbies and talents to students in your local community.

Step 2: Complete each of these requirements:

  • Successfully host a minimum of 10 in-person classes
  • Earn a minimum of $1000(this is money that YOU earn for hosting your in-person classes)
  • Create a Toodley10 referral code in your host profile settings.
  • Share Toodley with your friends and refer 10 of them to sign up as hosts themselves (Be sure they enter your Toodley10 referral code when signing up).
  • Your 10 friends each successfully host a minimum of 10 in-person classes and earn a minimum of $1000 through hosting classes with Toodley.

(Example class: 5 students paying $20 each for a single pottery class = $100)

Once you meet all requirements, we will send the $1,000.00 cash reward to your bank account!

It’s that simple.

And then you can do it all over AGAIN, as many times as you want! After every 10 additional hosts you refer and 10 classes each of you conduct successfully, you have the opportunity to start over and earn another $1,000.

Not only will you be able to earn income teaching a skill or topic that you enjoy to the students in our community, but with Toodley10, you can also earn extra cash for being a community leader and empowering others to share their own unique skillsets on Toodley.


  • Toodley takes 10% of earnings from every transaction as a standard platform maintenance fee. This number is subject to change in the following year.
  • A “successfully completed” class is one in which both host and students were satisfied with and was not canceled or refunded.
  • All classes must be live and in-person to qualify for Toodley10 (not pre-recorded and not streaming online through Zoom or other video call services).

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